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About Us
About Us

Oakland's Professional Window Cleaner

Mr. Sparkle Window Washers is a professional window cleaning company in Oakland. We provide high-quality window cleaning services, our staff is thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. We also handle everything from small homes to the largest estates in the area, and we have a great reputation for reliable work at a great value. Our quotes are fast and free, and the price we quote is the price you pay.

Our window washing crews respect your space, your privacy, and your family while we work to complete each job. Special care is taken with your plants and pets. We love flowers and animals as much as you do!

We know your time is valuable; you want clean windows, not three hour windows. We provide an exact arrival time and call you with as much notice as possible if we are going to be more than 15 minutes early or late!

Window Washing Services

Mr. Sparkle Window Washers offers window washing services to a wide range of homeowners, real estate agents, storefronts and property managers. Our staff understands how to work with tempered glass, annealed glass, and glass protected by UV film. Let our pros handle your hard-to-reach windows and hard-to-clean windows, such as clerestory windows, skylights, sunrooms and storm windows.

Advanced Equipment and Additional Services

We’ve invested in specialty equipment which is always operated by an experienced window washer. We can safely clean those hard-to-reach windows and skylights. If you’ve got high and hard-to-reach projects, let us know!

Hand-detailed window washing

There’s no substitute for hand-detailed window washing. As a standard, we clean your glass, frames, sills, tracks, hardware, and screens. Each window cleaner on our team is thorough and attentive to detail. We pride ourselves on delivering first-class work, which is why we only use quality products. All of our window cleaning materials are carefully selected and considered some of the best products on the market, never leaving a streaky mess behind!

Mr. Sparkle Window Washers is one of the top window cleaning businesses in the East Bay. We are an established and trusted company focused on providing you exceptional customer service. If you’ve been searching for professional window cleaners near you, just check out our reviews on Google and Yelp!
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