The strict answer is as soon as they need it. Windows that have not been cleaned for more than a year are ready for a thorough cleaning. Concerns about rain, pollen, or nearby construction need to be weighed against your desire and budget. The perfect time will never come for the first cleaning. Do it as soon as you notice the need then talk with your cleaner about a future maintenance schedule.

At least once a year is the rule. Just like a car having your windows detailed will triple the life of paint, rubber seals, rollers and screens, and help detect trouble spots before they get worse. Annual cleaning will off-set the cost of repainting or replacement in the long run. Environment or personal preference may dictate more frequent cleaning.

Although we can often accommodate last minute needs, for your pick of appointment times in spring and summer months allow two weeks.

Mr Sparkle carries 2 million in liability insurance from an A+ rated carrier, and all of our employees are covered by the required Workman’s Comp. Coverage.

Rain will do little to change newly cleaned frames, sills, screens and glass. During damp weather, dust is down, unlike in the spring and summer when tree pollen, construction and road dust is in the air. Often even in a heavy rain 3 sides of your house won’t even get wet, and although none of us like to believe it, half the dirt/dust is on the inside. If your windows need cleaning don’t let the rain stop you.

Only heavy rain will prevent us from keeping our window cleaning or pressure washing appointments. In most cases, when it is not possible to work outside, we’ll keep our appointment, clean the inside and return to do the outside.

A lot of what we do to “Be Green” has little to do with our cleaning methods. We are a Member of the Bay Area Green Business Program. All employees are BASMAA certified (Bay Area Storm Water Management Agencies Association). We have taken such actions as: replacing all 5 toilets in our office building with low flow toilets; adopted policies for reducing paper usage in our office and with our clients; corresponding via email and saving information electronically. Our employees make an effort daily to participate in a better world. The simple act of carefully maintaining and efficiently using our equipment and supplies means we buy fewer supplies less often. We also buy from locally owned business as much as possible in an attempt to keep our local economy strong.

Our window cleaning soap is a mild soap used in modest amounts. Generally, we dispose of our water after cleaning by pouring it out on your plants. Dish soap can actually benefit your plants and lawn, and is filtered out before it re-enters the water table. Jerry Baker, Master Gardener and Author of Green Grass Magic, recommends using dish soap to water your grass to improve photosynthesis and make leaves and roots more absorbent of fertilizers.

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