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What Green Means

Bay Area Green Business Logo

We here at Mr. Sparkle are super proud to be a Bay Area Green certified Business. Our commitment may seem like a no-brainer, but it requires real time and energy (human powered) to behave environmentaly friendly.

The first question we are usually asked is if our detergents are “Green.” They are! But with 8 guys washing 1500 houses a year, we still only use a couple gallons of soap in that time. The larger impacts of what we do are less obvious. For example, every bid we do requires a formal bid describing the work to be done. That could be done on paper, even in triplicate. But, we do the bid, review and revisions all via email. Almost no paper passes between our office and our clients. Routing the work we do efficiently goes a long way toward reducing the miles we drive. We are very deliberate about keeping our jobs in tight groupings. This is a great savings for us and the environment in fuel burned. Virtually all of our paper is used on both sides. In this way we nearly half our potential usage. Yet another example of our commitment is that all of our staff are required as part of training to become certified in storm drain water management through BASMAA. Our water contains Chloromine. Chloromine is similar to chlorine, And is part of EBMUD’s process of purifying our drinking water. Unfortunately, unlike chlorine, it does not evaporate. before it enters our creeks and bay. It will stay in the water killing micro-organisms. Simply diverting water so that it soaks into the ground and therefore goes through the water-table instead of the gutter and into the bay goes a long way toward protecting our environment.

If you are a customer or small business that is interested in using or becoming a Green Business go to http://www.greenbiz.ca.gov/. You’ll find tons of waste free resources to draw on!