Window Washing

New, clean light transforms a space. Creating a spacious and open feeling in your home.

Mr Sparkle specializes in hand detailing windows. Using brushes and squeegees we clean the glass, frames, sills, tracks, hardware and screens and leave it sparkling. All operable windows are opened during cleaning so we can wash the jambs and sash. Complete annual cleaning will triple the life of your paint, seals and screens.

Typically, our quotes are for inside and out, though, we can easily accommodate special requests for exterior cleaning or select windows only. Yes, we clean skylights! Yes, extra care is taken around your plants, and Yes, we are cool with your pets.

For hard to reach windows we often use our Deionized Water-Fed Pole System. It can reach up to 45 feet safely, and is cost-effective solution for otherwise unreachable windows. It washes away dirt from glass & sills leaving them to dry spotless.

Let us show you what we can do to improve the look, feel, and life of your home and windows!


Bugs getting in while you sleep?

Let us know at the time of your quote or scheduling and we will come prepared to rescreen your torn screen. We can replace the screen with matching product, or, for bent and broken screens we will special order new matching screen frames that fit as snug as from the factory.

Don’t Put off replacing or repairing your screens because you don’t have time to do it yourself. It’s okay to ask for help.

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