Pressure Washing

Triple the life of your paint and keep your property looking new.

Regular washing will prevent dirt and other pollutants from degrading your house, decks, walkways, fences and furniture. All of our employees are BASMAA certified and understand storm water management protocol.

• Wood Decks, Stairs and Railings

Quality equipment and knowing which tips and how much pressure to use for a particular surface is key to producing an even looking finish. Too often wood and concrete are left with the infamous stop and start marks, leaving the job as good as undone. Whether you are preparing your deck for stain or just want to bring out the rich wood color and remove oxidation our educated and experienced crew can help make the right choices to achieve the desired results.

• Concrete, Brick and Slate walkways and Patios

Moss and lichens can build up fairly quickly, especially on Northern exposures where direct sunlight may be infrequent. Pressure washing is the best way to remove slippery moss, and brighten surfaces, reducing risk of injury and beautifying in one fell swoop.

• Patio Furniture 

Wood Patio furniture looking gray and oxidized? Vinyl or metal furniture grimy from dirt, lichen and moss? We can make them look like new, quickly and safely!

Washing your Home

Brighten painted surfaces safely! 

For cleaning the exterior siding of your house, often the best bet is to hand wash. Just like at the car wash, we use a brush to agitate the dirt and then rinse it off using a pressure washer to cover more area and rinse more effectively. This process is the most effective in bringing back the brilliant luster of the original paint job. In fact, just like washing your car, regular exterior washing will greatly extend the life of your paint.

Spider web removal

We can clean those hard to reach webs from your eves, downspouts and other details of your home. Spider webs should always be brushed away dry, and then if needed, the surface below can be washed. Exposing spider webs to water will only mat them to the surface of the house, making it almost impossible to get them off.


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