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Oh Snap!

Kids Shirt

Almost every day someone tells me they saw one of our shirts while they were out, or how much they treasure the one they have. It makes me happy, not just that our brand is out there, but that it brings enjoyment and makes people smile. The other day I saw one of our white four color shirts that had been tie-dyed, it looked awesome! We may use the idea and do a limited run.
I get requests for shirts all the time, and we have always offered our T-shirts for sale. However, we don’t sell as many as I would expect considering the comments we get.
So we want to make the shirts as available as we can to anyone interested in supporting us and sporting our brand. We reduced the price of our shirts online from $16.50 to $10.50. Just go to http://mrsparkle.biz/gifts/ and see our selection.
I believe that bringing the price down on Mr Sparkle T shirts is in keeping with our brand and mission and I hope it makes you smile.