The Mr Sparkle Chronicles considerable considerations

Labor Day

Joel_Jimmys Pants

So it is true. We are Mr. Sparkle. The name alone brings up visions of gleaming, shiny, Sparkling windows. But the truth of it is we often have to get dirty to produce those results. A window washers hands are dry and stick like Velcro to soft fabric and baby’s skin from the work they perform. The work provides the benefit of being out and about every day, but that means hot and cold weather take their toll too. It is hard work. Not like breaking concrete, but real work. Some might say washing windows isn’t Rocket science, to them I would say it ain’t Pie either. It requires deftness of hand, an eye for detail, and a flexibility of mind. The job requires excellent customer service skills, and an ability to work in an ever changing environment. A window cleaner has to be good at problem solving as well as obstacle crushing. Excellent teamwork combined with an ability to balance competing demands against time are a must to get the job done well and have a profitable business.
I am proud to be at the front of such and incredible group and honor their labors.