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Recharging your Batteries


Tom Watson is a local realtor I’ve work with for years and he has become a friend as well. Recently I asked him what he does when he’s had “one of those days” and just wants to lose himself in an activity. Tom got super excited and offered to share his hobby with my son and I, so we joined him for some excellent fun flying remote control planes. My son was inspired and is now learning to fly. Below is a Tom’s own account of how he found RC planes.

Some people work out, read a book or grab the remote to that evil machine called the TV. A couple years ago I found a new hobby and I’m hooked.  I’ve been learning to fly electric, remote control airplanes and this hobby has become my way of finding peace and relaxation in an often times hurried and stressful world.  At least twice per week I head to an unfinished subdivision in Brentwood, where there are no homes and plenty of streets to use as landing strips for my new toys. 

Over the last couple years of flying, I’ve met a group of guys who come out to the empty lot to fly and forget about the world for a while.  The best part of Remote Control (RC) hobbies is the people.  Those that already know how to fly and fix their planes are more than happy to teach any newcomer.  I’ve learned a lot about my new hobby, I’ve become a much better pilot and I know (for the most part) how to fix my planes when I crash.  Truth time:  I still haven’t perfected my landings and I took a nasty nose dive recently that completely took one of my new planes out of commission (can you say 80MPH straight into the ground?)  It was painful, but I just laughed and said well, if you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough!”

If you’d like to learn a bit about this hobby, Tom still has a trainer plane and would be happy to teach you how to fly.  Give him a call and head to the field!  Don’t worry about crashing the trainer;  it survived my training flights, I’m sure it will survive yours.

You can contact Tom by phone at 415.794.1173 or check him out on Facebook 


Happy Flying!

The Road to Success


While in Top Dog on Durant recently I saw a poster I remember from the early 80“s when I first wandered into Berkeley. It means a lot more to me today than it did then. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click the image to see a version large enough to view in detail; and Happy Traveling!

Meet Mr Sparkle


Did you know that Mr Sparkle makes art. He makes stuff out of other stuff. High-gloss Assemblage. “I’ve always liked to make stuff,” says Mr Sparkle, “Making stuff is cool.”

It started when I was young. People were always saying I was making something out of nothing. And it was true. But the part that nobody saw, the hardest part, was getting hands on enough of the right kinda nothing to make something outta. Read more »