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Criticism is a Courtesy


As with all businesses customer feedback is the primary and most significant  source of information as to how we are performing. Whether window cleaning, gutter cleaning or scratch removal  we have high standards for all of our services, and are always training to provide the best service and highest quality product possible.

No one can be one hundred percent all the time. And we are always grateful when our clients value their relationship with us enough to help us improve by letting us know when we fall short of their expectations. Negative feedback can be frustrating, but is of course normal. I once had a mentor tell me, “if you hear the same thing more than once, you need to address it in training immediately.” I try to follow that advice, and always view criticism as a courtesy.

On the other end one of the greatest feelings for us as service providers is to receive a compliment from a client. They take the form of verbal or written compliments, tips, referrals and on some occasions gifts. Yesterday we received two such gifts from separate clients. A couple jars of home made jam from one, and two bottles of Di’Aire wine from the makers themselves!

We are so grateful for our customers’ support and feedback. Good or bad it helps us to keep on track. 


California Wildflowers


Right before the first day of spring I was driving along Skyline near Redwood in Oakland. It was a warm morning and all the flowers had come out overnight, it was strikingly beautiful. I pulled over and took a picture just for a blog, but before I posted it the weather turned dark and wet, and it seemed random to write about flowers. But Spring is here and the wild flowers are out. I never tire of the California Poppy.