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Building a winning team

One of the greatest determiners of success is preparation. That’s why we spend a considerable amount of time training our cleaners and leads on our system. When I first started Mr Sparkle I knew that documenting the process of cleaning as well as customer interaction, equipment maintenance, safety, product knowledge etc. was going to be key in replicating the quality and consistency of our offering. It has been both a great challenge and joy to do that work, and to train our staff. Read more »

Gutter Cleaning; gutter screens, a false sense of security

Even our regular clients are sometimes surprised to discover that we clean gutters as well as windows. But gutter cleaning is a natural add on. We work with the same tools,  safety considerations and client base. In the Oakland and Berkeley hills trees are abundant and steep lots with poor access make it difficult to keep roofs and gutters clear of debris. Ignoring the gutters can result in very costly damage, so, homeowners will often opt to put screens over the gutter to prevent leaves and pine needles from filling the gutter troughs and downspouts. However, gutter screens can be a false sense of security. Read more »

Supporting Local Business with Creative Marketing

By frequenting local business, we keep our local economy strong. It can cost a little more sometimes, but the money we spend continues to circulate in our community instead of disappearing into a big box. And often, when we stay local, it doesn’t end up costing any more after all. Read more »

Mr Sparkle goes to New Orleans

Sparkle in Orleans

It has been a great start to the new year. I have spent the last two weeks traveling and attending training by myself and with staff. Last week Wednesday thru Saturday, Fou and I attended the IWCA window cleaner’s convention in New Orleans; attending seminars, networking, checking out new industry product, and eating. Read more »