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Meet Mr Sparkle


Did you know that Mr Sparkle makes art. He makes stuff out of other stuff. High-gloss Assemblage. “I’ve always liked to make stuff,” says Mr Sparkle, “Making stuff is cool.”

It started when I was young. People were always saying I was making something out of nothing. And it was true. But the part that nobody saw, the hardest part, was getting hands on enough of the right kinda nothing to make something outta. Read more »

Thank God for good advisers

I’ve been wearing the same uniform to work for nearly a decade. Ben Davis work pants and a navy blue Mr Sparkle shirt. In the more recent years I have switched from work boots to a Vans tennis shoe. But that is what I’ve worn during my off work hours for the last two decades, and only more recently could justify during work hours as my responsibilities changed. The need for periodic re-invention strikes us all from time to time. I have become expert at blocking that blow when it comes to my attire. But, I have always been more open minded when it comes to the look of Mr Sparkle.

Thank God for good advisers. Read more »